Posted on 09/29/2021
Business Risk Group Intern for Financial Institutions
Starting vacancies and internship positions
Experience Required: Not Required
What do we have to do:
We expect you to:
- Participation in quantification projects - evaluating complex financial instruments, modeling loan impairment losses, conducting stress testing, modeling economic capital, calculating VaR, developing or validating credit rating models, developing or validating methodologies for managing various types of risks (for example , credit, market, operational), etc.
- Effective teamwork, sharing overall responsibility for the result, assisting other team members, maintaining communication and keeping the team management informed of the progress of work
- Assisting in the preparation of reports, graphs and presentations for clients and other parties
- Participation in educational programs for continuous personal development.
- Undergraduate students or graduates with a degree in financial / applied mathematics, statistics, engineering, or financial education with a good level of knowledge of mathematics
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Striving to develop quantitative skills and use them in modeling and providing services to clients in the required amount
- Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word
It will be a plus if you:
- Good command of English
- Knowledge in the field of mathematical statistics, time series analysis, econometrics, probability theory, stochastic modeling.
- Knowledge in the field of financial risk management and methods of assessing financial risks, understanding of financial market products and principles of their pricing.
- Possession of programming skills in: Pyton, R, C ++, Visual Basic, as well as experience with Bloomberg, MATLAB, SAS.
- the ability to apply technical and economic knowledge;
- learning by doing;
- interesting projects;
- Friendly team.
Finance, audit