Posted on 09/07/2021
Intern in event-маркетинг
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Experience Required: Not Required
IT, Digital
Huawei.Market is a platform for buying and selling various goods. The B2B marketing team organizes various events to inform new and current partners about our product. We are looking for an intern who will help with the organization of events.
What do we have to do:
We expect you to:
- look for targeted activities to achieve the goals of the company;
- explore the conditions and agree on participation in events: ask the event organizers how to get there, in what form (with a report or a stand, or with another unique format);
- show initiative, contact the organizers, keep in touch with them on the terms and discuss the knowledge gained with the team;
- enter events into the transaction and contract management system;
- find out where and with what competitors are involved;
- form TK and set tasks for subcontractors (to create a landing page for an event, texts for it, photographs of speakers and others), help in solving them;
- help create the content of events, as well as decisions in the organization itself - what activities can be, ways to make the event unique;
- participate in the preparation of speakers (organizing runs, assembling content for a presentation).
- graduate or senior student of the university;
- sociable;
- have a competent written and oral speech;
- convincing and good at negotiating;
- are not afraid to write and call strangers to quickly solve problems;
- responsible and organized;
- are motivated to develop in event marketing.
It will be a plus if you:
- have experience in organizing various events.
- full time employment (40 hours per week);
- the duration of the internship is three months (it is possible to stay in the state if there are vacancies);
- a strong team with which to grow;
- interesting tasks that will become more difficult in the course of your development;
- compensation for meals;
- gym, yoga in the office.