Procter & Gamble
Posted on 10/01/2021
Project manager (intern)
Starting vacancies and internship positions
Experience Required: Not Required
IT, Digital
Data analysis
We have our own payment system and our own billing system. We are constantly connecting new services to them for making payments and generating accounting documents. We are looking for a person who will optimize processes, improve and make our dynamic and growing service more transparent.
What do we have to do:
We expect you to:
- be responsible for the quality and timing of projects;
- work with the backlog of tasks, assigning estimates and priorities, manage risks;
- interact with developers, designers, testers, analysts, colleagues from related departments, set tasks, achieve goals;
- coordinate work on several projects;
- improve the processes of completing tasks at all stages: bring the model in line with life or life in accordance with the model.
- know how to find the optimal balance of terms, cost and quality of work;
- understand the interests of stakeholders and see opportunities for reasonable compromises;
- know how to work in multitasking mode;
- have basic technical skills to speak the same language with the development team;
- have systemic thinking, know how to analyze information;
- ready to quickly master new technologies and tools;
- know SQL, have an analytical background;
- you know how to finish what you started;
- responsible, know how to prioritize.
It will be a plus if you:
- understand how the backend communicates with the frontend;
- have good analytical skills.
- a strong team with which to grow;
- complex tasks for services with millions of users;
- the ability to influence the process and the result;
- official registration;
- access to Yandex resources and capabilities;
- great team focused on support and development.